About CAPS

Who We Are: Established in 2013, CAPS is a non-profit organization whose members represent over 61 million consumers in the 13 PJM states and the District of Columbia.  Regulatory rules vary greatly across our jurisdictions but in each the electricity costs paid by consumers is at least partly determined by the tariff and rules under which PJM operates. PJM and its stakeholders set those rules and CAPS’ engagement is necessary to ensure that consumers’ voices are heard.

PJM: The PJM Interconnection has existed in some form since 1927 to protect reliable electricity service.  For the past 15 years, it has also operated markets for electricity, capacity and ancillary services. 

Mission: Our mission is to actively engage in the PJM stakeholder process and at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to ensure that the prices we pay for reliable, wholesale electric service are reasonable.

Contact: Dan Griffiths, Executive Director  717-385-8358  daniel.whitman.griffiths@gmail.com


CAPS Officers
Jacqueline Lake Roberts , President
West Virginia Consumer Advocate Division
Robert G. Mork , Vice-President
Indiana Office of Utility Consumer Counselor
Kristin Munsch, Treasurer
Illinois Citizens Utility Board
William Fields, Secretary
Maryland Office of Peoples Counsel