CAPS Board Members - 2014

Sandra Mattavous-Frye
DC Office of the People’s Counsel
L. David Bonar
Division of the Public Advocate
David Kolata
Illinois Citizens Utility Board
Janice Dale
Office of the Illinois Attorney General
David Stippler
Office of Utility Consumer Counsel
Jennifer Black Hans
Office of Rate Intervention
Kentucky Office of the Attorney General
William F. Fields
Maryland Office of Peoples Counsel
Don Erickson
Michigan Department of Attorney General
Stefanie Brand
New Jersey Division of Rate Counsel
Bruce Weston
Office of the Ohio Consumer’s Counsel
Tanya McCloskey
Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate
Vance Bromel
Consumer Advocate & Protection Division
Tennessee Office of the Attorney General
Meade Browder
Insurance & Utilities Regulatory Section
Virginia Office of Attorney General
Jacqueline Lake Roberts
West Virginia Consumer Advocate Division